Thursday, August 10, 2017

Dit Dit Podcast

I have been extremely busy with work the last few days, so I have not had many opportunities to get on the air to complete QSO's. I did however come across a podcast that I would like to share with you that covers all topics around the world of Morse code and CW.

The podcast is called "Dit Dit" and can be downloaded onto Apple podcast and Google play. The host of the Dit Dit podcast is Bruce - N9WKE. This podcast if for old CW ops and new with interesting content for everyone. At this time, I am about 4 episodes into the 9 episodes available. I've learned so much listening to Bruce and his guest and I really enjoy the content of the program. If you are new to CW, you will really want to listen to this podcast.

Take a listen, then comment below and let me know what you think. Thank you Bruce for offering this program to your listeners and me!  I will be posting a link to the Dit Dit podcast here on the blog, you can also get to it by CLICKING HERE

Until next time, 72 de W9ODX

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