Friday, August 11, 2017

The Blog is Growing

Just a quick note to let you know I am doing my best not not only grow this blog, but keep it organized and easy to follow along. One of the options available to me is to add "pages" to the blog where I can post regular content that is just a click away and I am experimenting with that at this time. The first two pages I added are "QSL Cards" and "Current Solar Conditions".

On the QSL card page I will be sharing with you the history of QSL cards and also the QSL cards that I have received recently. You can access the QSL Card page by CLICKING HERE.

On the Current Solar Conditions page I will be sharing current solar data with you courtesy of N0NBH. Some of you are interested in following this so I made it easy to find at all times. You can access the Current Solar Conditions by CLICKING HERE.

All pages will be just a click away if you look for the brown navigation bar under the Adventures with CW logo.

Do you have feedback on this or the blog in general? Please comment below or drop me an email anytime. Thanks for following the adventure.

Until next time, 72 de W9ODX

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